Covid-19 Information

Celebrating Mass

We look forward to welcoming as many as possible to weekend Mass in the parish, which take place on Saturday at 10.00 am and 6.00 pm and Sunday at 9.00 am and 10.30 am. The Saturday morning Mass will usually follow the Liturgy of the Sunday.

From 4th October we are introducing an online Parish Angelus at noon on Sundays (using the GoToMeeting platform). It is an opportunity for different parts of the parish to gather together on the Lord's Day for a little prayer and chat. Do drop in, perhaps for 'prosecco and prayer' before your Sunday lunch!

None of our churches are big enough to fit everyone in and observe social distancing, so we are using a simple booking form (click here) to find out who would like to go to Mass and when, and each week we'll post a list along with the newsletter on the front page of the website (scroll down to the bottom beneath the calendar). If there is a place reserved for you, you should also get a confirmation email. In allocating places we will give priority to those who have missed out on the previous weekend.

We'd rather not run a booking system, but it seems the best way of minimising disappointment, keeping things fair and responding to pastoral need. If anyone has difficulties with the form please do encourage them to email or to phone 01483 416880 (please leave a message).

To help protect one another from the risks of COVID-19 we ask everyone to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure, to wear a face covering (unless you are exempt) and to keep socially distanced from each other in church and while outside. There will be stewards to welcome you and help you find a place. The seating at St Edmund's is 2m between benches and a little less at St Joseph's. In both cases, the layout and the use of face coverings provide additional protection.

Everyone is welcome to book. This includes family members who live outside the parish, those who are new to the area and anyone who, living through this pandemic, simply feels a call to come. We will be pleased to see you, whoever you are. Please fill in one form for each household or bubble.

Please feel free to ring to see if there are any spaces available.

It will feel a bit different (doesn't everything these days?) but I know that very many appreciate coming again to meet the Lord, offer their joys and sorrows to him, and to receive him in Holy Communion.

Online Parish Activities

We are meeting as a parish on GoToMeeting at a few key points of the week. Details of how to join are further down this page.

Sunday Noon Parish Angelus. An opportunity to gather for a brief prayer and reflection and a chance to catch up with friends online or to meet new people.

Wednesday 7.30 pm Lectio Divina. Fr Jonathan leads us in a prayerful reading of the scriptures, usually the Gospel of the coming Sunday.

Streamed Masses and Services

Many parishes are streaming Masses and Services:

Guildford Their virtual parish also has a lot of resources for adults and families.

Walsingham. Offers a full programme, including Exposition and devotions.

Weybridge Programme includes Mass, Rosary and Exposition. Often with music.

Dominican Sisters at Swaye Mass and Liturgy of the Hours with the community in the New Forest.

Arundel Cathedral with Fr David Parmiter.

CAFOD Children’s Liturgy continues at 10.00am on a Sunday morning by Webinar. Also available after broadcast.


What LOAF Is Doing And Other Initiatives

At the start of lockdown we launched the "Love One Another Fellowship” (LOAF). Here is an update on what LOAF has done and is continuing to do.

LOAF Volunteers

LOAF has a list of over 30 volunteers who are registered as helpers. They, along with many other parishioners, have been actively helping those in our parish and community.

Reaching Out To All Parishioners

One of LOAF's first activities was to call everybody on the parish database. This exercise was done over a 2 week period with 15 volunteers. LOAF tried to contact over 400 families in the parish. They reached and spoke to nearly 300 families. In cases where contact could not be made, messages were left.

This exercise led to a number of requests for help, plus requests for prayers and call backs. LOAF volunteers have helped people with shopping, a friendly phone call, praying for or with a person and picking up urgent supplies (e.g. medicines). In addition, a set of LOAF volunteers are now committed to calling the more vulnerable members of our parish every 2 weeks to check that they are okay.

Initiatives For Families - LOAF

As a result of the calls, it became apparent that families with young children were, in some cases, finding the lock down difficult. To try to help families find activities for children, LOAF has set up a Family Exercise Walk Challenge. This challenge involves a walk around Godalming. There is a quiz and prizes.

Finding Out More

If you would like help or have any comments or suggestions, please contact Alan Lion on 01483 420859 or by email at

"I am greatly encouraged by the response of our parish to this situation and by the community spirit that is being shown, both by LOAF and many other parishioners. Let us rejoice in being able to show love and compassion to everybody around us. Be assured of my prayers for you and your families each and every day at the Altar of the Lord, and most especially if you are on your own or struggling."

Fr Jonathan


We are using GoToMeeting as our virtual platform for parish groups and meetings.

You will need to download an app which you can find at Clicking on this link will download a small file. To install the programme, you will need to click on this file to run it. On Windows this file is put in your Downloads directory.

To join a meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone just click on You will be prompted for the meeting ID which is 450-922-301.

You can also dial in using your phone, but please make sure that you have an inclusive calls phone contract. United Kingdom: +44 20 3713 5028 Access Code: 450-922-301.

If you need any help with accessing GoToMeeting, please ask.


Resources and information from the Bishops Conference, can be found at Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

Government Advice

The UK Government has released its information for the public on the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

General Guidance and Support link

Government guidance on the safe use of places of worship link

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it – Poster

You can download the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ information poster.

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it – PosterDownload