July 09, 2020 Prayer Requests

Please remember in your prayers this week

Please remember in your prayers this week

All those affected by the Coronavirus, those who work in our essential services, who are anxious or struggling with living well together at home, our families, schools and their staff, and for those who find juggling learning, work and family life difficult. Those who are worried about their jobs or livelihood.

The Holy Father’s Intentions for July: that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance.

Parishioners who are sick, and dying, and those who care for them, including: Cliff Hutchinson, Alan Berry, Nicolle Ernould, Gerry Newell, Ruth de Stefani, Josie Whittle, Barbara Brightman, Nuala Gallagher, Maria Chacaltana, Ann Lloyd, Anita van Rheenan, Jean Humphrey, Maura Goodfellow, George Gelder, Jean Tyrell, Pat Wilson and Rudolf Dorrepaal, and those in our hospitals and care homes.

The faithful departed - Fr John Healey, Margaret Stevens and Alec Mc Alister who died recently, and Patrick Dawson, Veronica Riddle, Alice McDermott, Christine Boyce and Pat Ambrose, whose anniversaries occur at this time.