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Christmas Services

We look forward to welcoming you to church over Christmas. It has been a long struggle for many under COVID. We hope that there will be something in what we have planned that will allow everyone who wishes an opportunity to safely and comfortably give thanks to God for the new dawn of the coming of his son and to experience the mystery of God-with-us.

Our main Christmas services are as follows. We are asking people to register to help us with planning and we may post numbers here so that you can see what is getting busy. You can do so by clicking on the event in the calendar or on the links below.

18th December

3pm Outdoor Carols at Ladywell Convent (In the walled garden, with mulled wine and mince pies. If wet we will move into the refectory.)

24th December

5pm Vigil Mass of Christmas at St Joseph's, Milford. (Children are invited to wear nativity fancy dress for this Mass.)

7pm Vigil Mass of Christmas at St Edmund's

(Note that as Vigil Masses of Christmas are usually very popular all seating will be on an 'open basis', without any particular provision for social distancing. A second vigil and general care around COVID risks means that none of the Masses are likely to be crowded.)

10pm Mass of Christmas Night at St Edmund's

25th December

8.45am Dawn Mass of Christmas at St John's, Farncombe

10.30am Mass of Christmas Day at St Joseph's, Milford

We will follow and encourage the main public health guidance for gatherings such as this. This is likely to include ventilation (so wrap up warm), face coverings and possibly an encouragement to take a lateral flow test.

If you are being cautious you might like to come to a Christmas Mass on the Feast of the Holy Family, which this year is on Boxing Day: 8.45am at St John’s and 10.30am at St Joseph’s as we expect these to be much quieter.

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Other Masses in the Christmas Season

27th December (Feast of St John)

9.30am St Edmund's

31st December

9.30am St Joseph's, Milford

New Year's Day (Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God)

6pm St Edmund's

Sunday, 2nd January

8.45am St John's, Farncombe

10.30am St Joseph's, Milford

6th January (Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord)

10.00am St Joseph's, Milford

2.00pm St Edmund's School (probably school community only)

7.30pm St Edmund's Church

8th/9th January (The Baptism of the Lord)

6pm (Saturday) St Edmund's

8.45am St John's, Farncombe

10.30am St Joseph's, Milford

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Sacrament of Reconciliation. Fr Jonathan and/or a visiting priest will be available after the 9.30am Mass at St Joseph’s, Milford on Saturday 27th November and 4th, 11th and 18th December for anyone who would like to celebrate this Sacrament. There will also be confession available all day at St Joseph’s, Guildford on Saturday 18th December.

Lectio Divina is a powerful way of praying with the Scriptures in which we learn to listen to the Lord speak to our hearts. It is a very old way of prayer that Pope Francis and Bishop Richard have been encouraging us to use, because it is such a privileged place to encounter the risen Lord among us today. Fr Jonathan will introduce this way of prayer and lead a series of meditations on the Advent readings on zoom on Wednesday evenings from 24th November at 7.30pm. Those who are new to this way of prayer are particularly welcome: I really do encourage you to give it a try. Sessions will probably finish around 8.30pm.

(Zoom Meeting ID: 846 7892 5944, Password 2021, or click here.)