Faith Hope And Charity In A Pandemic


To All Parishioners And Our Community

There are lots of encouraging stories at the moment of people helping neighbours with shopping and phone calls. But we are also aware that many value the sense of belonging to our parish or the invitation to do so. That someone they know perhaps only a little bit cares for them. That’s one of the reasons why we have set up and are now launching the “Love One Another Fellowship”.

I am delighted to announce that, following last Saturday’s email, we had a good response to our initial call for helpers. Whilst waiting for offers, we have been considering what we can do to help the most vulnerable in our community. I am now pleased to say that we are ready to launch this service. Here are the details.

 Who We Are Trying To Help

 In the immediate future, we would ask you to consider who you know in our parish who might be vulnerable at this time or missed other support networks. These people might be our fellow parishioners, but they might also include neighbours and others who are struggling. We would like you to make them aware of the services that we are offering and how they can access these services. Please note that we are not asking people to randomly distribute leaflets. Other organisations have already done this. We would encourage a more targeted approach, using your contacts and local knowledge. We want people to know that they are loved.

Making People Aware

You can make people aware in several different ways. A friendly phone call or an email might be appropriate. Alternatively, if you CLICK HERE you will gain access to a Word document flyer with details of the contact details and services. You might like to print off a few copies and drop them round to people you know.

The Services

The proposed services are shopping, a friendly phone call, praying for or with a person, posting urgent mail and picking up urgent supplies (e.g. medicines). We will consider offering other services, so, if somebody has a particular need, please encourage them to call. Even if we cannot help directly, we may be able to find someone who can. 

The Contact Details

All initial contacts are best made using the mobile number or email address on the flyer. These are 07593 121430 /

 If You Want To Help

Apart from making vulnerable people aware of the service, we are still looking to sign up further volunteers. If you think that you might be able to help, please sign up by CLICKING HERE.

Let me finish with three points. First, needs may change over time. Somebody who is well supported today may find that they need help later. So encourage people to come back to us if this happens. Second, this is a new experience for all of us. We are learning as we go forward. We are doing and will continue to do our best with God’s help and grace. Thirdly, please commit this programme, all those involved and all those they serve to God in prayer. For some of us, this experience has opened up a window of opportunity for prayer and reflection. Let’s use this opportunity today to pray for the Love One Another Fellowship.

Be assured of my prayers for you and your families each and every day at the Altar of the Lord, and most especially if you are on your own or struggling.

Fr Jonathan

Sunday Services

As many of us enter into a new way of living and praying we would like to invite anyone who wishes or is able to join us for prayer by video conference.

  • Liturgy of the Word at 11.00am on Sunday Morning and
  • Evening Prayer at 5.00pm on Sunday Evening.

We have set up a virtual parish on GoToMeeting for this and had over 50 people join us this time. You will need to download an app which you can find at We have gone for this one because it is relatively easy to use. Clicking on this link will download a small file. To install the programme, you will need to click on this file to run it. On Windows this file is put in your Downloads directory.

To join a meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone just click on You will be prompted for the meeting ID which is 450-922-301.

You can also dial in using your phone. United Kingdom: +44 20 3713 5028 Access Code: 450-922-301 .

Children's Liturgy

CAFOD are running a very good Children's Liturgy by Webinar. To register or look at last week's visit -

Texts of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours (including Evening Prayer)

You can get the texts of the Mass, and also of the Liturgy of the Hours on Universalis, either on line or using their excellent app. Many people use it already as it does all the hard work of putting the different parts of the books we use all in the right order!

What about Mass in the parish?

Fr Jonathan will celebrate Mass in the parish each day at 9.30am (9.00am on Sunday) and the intentions are given in the newsletter. An important part of this will be celebrating Mass for those who are only able to have a simple funeral at present and if this applies to any of your friends or relatives please do feel free to ask. Mass will be offered for other intentions as requested and as time allows.

Opening Our Churches for Prayer

In the light of the latest government instructions we have sadly closed both churches for the time being. We will reopen them as soon as we can as it seems to have been welcomed.

Some resources for personal prayer

The Jesuits produce a well-known and much-loved daily meditation. They are usually about 10 or 15 minutes and include a piece of music, a scripture reading and a guided meditation. You can access this by clicking here PRAY AS YOU GO LINK.

For those who find devotional prayer helpful there is a particular Novena for this pandemic which started formally on Friday but could be joined in with. 

Streaming of Mass

We are not able to stream our own parish mass but there are a number of places that already do this well:

Walsingham, usually at noon each day - WALSINGHAM LIVE STREAM LINK.


There is a list on the diocesan website of parishes nearer to home that have some sort of streaming -

Pope Francis (In Italian with English translation) - POPE FRANCIS LINK. 



You can download the letter from the President and Vice President of the Bishops’ Conference and a PDF offering Liturgical Advice:

Public Acts of Worship in Catholic Churches in England and Wales – COVID19Download

Liturgical Advice – COVID19Download

When Mass cannot be celebrated publicly (A4)Download

We have some prayers that have been supplied by the Liturgy Office of the Bishops’ Conference that can be used during a time of ‘flu and illness.

Prayer for times of ‘flu and illnessDownload

Further resources and information from the Bishops Conference can be found at Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

Government Advice

The UK Government has released its information for the public on the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it – Poster

You can download the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ information poster.

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it – PosterDownload