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Marriage Encounter

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Marriage Encounter is a Movement which aims to give couples who are married, or in long-standing relationships and commitment the opportunity to enrich and refresh their relationships. It also seeks to give priests and religious the chance to reflect on their vocation and enhance their relationship with their parish and community.

Our sister organisation, Engaged Encounter, is a Movement within the Catholic Church which provides couples, who are engaged to be married, with a formal course in marriage preparation.

Weekends are Catholic in origin and ethos. Couples of any or no faith are also most welcome. Since its launch, over 5 million couples in almost 100 countries have experienced a Weekend.

Marriage Encounter is not aimed at marriages or relationships that are in difficulty, because the Movement does not offer advice or counselling for marriages in crisis.

website: Marriage Encounter

Parish Contact: Nicki And Alan Lion 01483 420859

Teams of Our Lady (Equipes Notre Dame)

Teams of Our Lady is an organisation for Christian married couples who want to develop their relationship with God both personally and as a couple. They do this as members of a Team of four to six couples supported by a spiritual counsellor, and by meeting together once a month for a meal and to discuss, pray and share the ups and downs of everyday life.

There are currently two 'Teams' running in our Parish. For more information please either visit the Teams of Our Lady website or call the Parish Contact. The details are:

Website: Teams Of Our Lady

Parish Contact: Colette and Adrian Wyn-Griffiths 01483 416300

‘It is in our ordinary life as baptised, married couples that we meet Christ. Sometimes we tend to want to escape from our daily lives, to consider that God is too big, too perfect to be able to find or meet Him in our limited little lives, in our spouse with all their qualities but also with all their imperfections. Of course, God is vastly greater than our lives, but He came to live in it. He sent us His Son Jesus, who became man, who shared our life. The whole of the Teams of Our Lady pedagogy helps us to open our eyes to discover how God is present in our lives, how God is present in our spouse, how He stands beside us and accompanies us. He is there to help us make our lives more beautiful, even more infused with Him. This was already so in the first team meeting: the married couple, nourished by the sacrament of marriage could discover Christ through their conjugal life, and also, that the two loves, the love of Christ and the love of one’s spouse, were compatible.’