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Your liberation is near at hand

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Dr Kevin Fong recently shared the story of sunrise after a long hard night shift in a London hospital in last January. The intensive care unit had expanded onto two or three other floors and it all felt very desperate and hopeless. One weekend it had snowed heavily and as he came back onto the floor many of the nurses were crowding around the window. The sun was coming up and the sky looked like it was on fire. Dawn was breaking on a dark and horrible night. It was for him a reminder that dawn always comes after the night. He shared it as his contribution to BBC’s Museum of Curiosities for all those he had worked with, proud of his team and all those who had been through that night (and others) with him.

Pray this Advent for all who are in deep need of liberation. For migrants – both those trying to cross the channel and those whose dire situation is no longer news. For those who work in health and social care tired of the long fight against COVID. For those who live with chronic mental illness or pain and disease. For those who find it hard to heat their homes and feed their families no matter how many hours they work. For those who cannot shake off the effects of abuse and trauma.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Wishing you every blessing

Fr Jonathan, Parish Priest

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