Babes And Baptism

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Baptism of Children

Baptism, the first sacrament, is the door to new life and the kingdom of God. Through it we become members of the Body of Christ and are formed into God's people: a holy nation and a royal people.

From the earliest times, the Church has baptised children as well as adults, offering them a Christian formation so that they might learn and come to accept the faith in which they have been baptised, and which their parents already profess.

The baptism of their children is often a special moment of grace and growth in faith for new parents and the parish tries to support them at this important time.

Preparation for baptism takes place in small sessions, usually one Saturday afternoon and one Thursday evening, which provide an opportunity to reflect on the rite of baptism and faith in family life and to meet other parents asking for their children to be baptised. The sessions are run a few times a year.

To highlight its connection with the new life of Easter, baptisms are celebrated on a Sunday, usually around midday, at either St Joseph's or St Edmund's church. Occasionally they may be celebrated during Mass.

If you would like to arrange baptism for your child please contact the Parish Assistant at or 01483 416880.

Older children (age 7 and above) follow a different process.

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Baptism Resources

January 8, 2022

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Bumps, Babes And Toddlers Group

We welcome all parents with young children - or those expecting - to our group. Sometimes sitting at home with your child can be stressful, so why not come and join us!

We meet on Mondays at 10.30 am at St John's Parish Room, St John's Church, Farncombe, GU7 3EJ.

For more information and to check the dates of sessions please contact Eileen:

We look forward to welcoming you. And if you need a lift, please let us know.

**The group re-started on 13th September 2021 after a pause during COVID.